Me with Jasmine Dotiwola

It’s funny how the universe works…after an incredible year of hard work and relentless graft that has led me to experience some amazing opportunities as a presenter, I still found myself sat on the sofa at home wondering whether my efforts had been recognized. Why are we so hard on ourselves? And whose approval are we truly seeking?


Me with my lovely friend Reema Samuel

When I left my job at Disney three years ago, I took a chance in pursuing my dreams because the fire in my belly told me, this is what I must do. I didn’t leave the financial stability, amazing benefits and ┬ámy brilliant friends and colleagues on a whim, I did it because I wanted to inspire others by presenting at events that I care about.


Me with fellow nominee Presenter, Jacqueline Shepherd

My husband assured me, ‘You’re doing great, just keep going.’ but I still felt uncertain. The next morning, I woke to find that I’d been nominated by the Digital Is Media Awards as ‘Best Online Presenter’ which was an incredible surprise given the conversation I had literally had the night before.


Me and Jasmine Dotiwola

While I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated, it really got me thinking about why it is important to be recognized. As someone who has always dreamed of being a presenter and is passionate about covering events that celebrate diversity, champion women and inspire the next generation. To have your work acknowledged by your peers in the industry, is a vital step in ensuring new voices are heard by the powers that be in the mainstream industry.


Me with Akua Gyamfi from The British Blacklist

Similar to the MOBO Awards, once a light is shone on new, up-and-coming talent, slowly but surely the mainstream industry start to take notice which then opens up a wealth of opportunity for the individual. Which is why events such as the Digital Is Media Awards are so important, they showcase the people working hard at their craft which also inspires others, which can only be a positive thing.


Reema and Me

I had such a brilliant night seeing friends and being told by strangers that they admired my work and while I didn’t win the award, I am so thankful for being nominated, as we are all winners. And in time, you will see all of us shine brightly on the big screen as we live our joy.

I hope this inspires you to find and live yours…

Here’s to an AMAZING 2016! #CarpeDiem


*Dress by Pia Michi*