So what is the Supa Academy I hear you ask? Well, the Supa Academy was created by two social entrepreneurs, Liam Tootill from SBTV and Bejay Mulenga, who are both on a mission to inspire and inform the enterprising young people of tomorrow.


The Supa Academy aims to do this by providing mentors from massive brands like River Island, Syco and Accenture among others, to build confidence in young people and equip them with the skills and knowledge to pursue their first steps in enterprise.

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The two day event was filled with  Q & A sessions with industry leaders as well as 1-1 mentoring meetings that provided people with an invaluable insight into the world of business. Sounds pretty cool huh?

Ria and Aliyah

Let’s not forget that youth unemployment is the worst its ever been in the past 20 years in the UK,  hence why I wholeheartedly believe in supporting anything that may help young people gain work experience and ultimately a job (!!). The Supa Academy is a brilliant initiative that gives young people the opportunity to do just that and YOU can get involved in supporting this initiative too!


As the live roving reporter,  I interviewed some of the ‘Supa Partners’ who were in the Supa Academy’s ‘supermarket’ to gain experience in selling their products to the public. Their products ranged from Afro haircare products, to bespoke jewellery and clothing, as well as make-up tutorial classes designed to help build confidence in young girls and women.


On the day, I met tonnes of passionate, young people all eager to learn how to start their own business and was left so inspired by what the Supa Academy has achieved already.  I can’t wait to see what’s next, as something tells me this is just the start of something very exciting!

Ria and PINS

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