As someone who is passionate about inspiring the next generation of young women, I was thrilled to be invited to speak at LMC Unleashed, an empowering women’s networking event based in Birmingham, to share my story and hopefully inspire others to turn their dreams into action.

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Myself and the gorgeous journalist Gemma Calvert headed up to Birmingham where we met with the lovely LMC team which was founded by the fabulous, Selina Brown.

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Once the girls arrived, we shared our personal stories of success, failure and perseverance in an intimate circle of sisterhood.

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I always learn so much about myself when I take part in events like this because working in the media industry, it’s the norm to be ruthlessly ambitious and these events remind me that it’s ok to have a wobbly day, to take some time to take stock of what we’ve achieved and to reevaluate because we’re all just trying to find our place in the world and that’s ok.


I was especially touched to hear that a young girl who was contemplating taking her own life – which is just harrowing, contacted LMC to say that she was so inspired by the event that she left feeling empowered to take control of her life and focus on the positives. How incredible is that?

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It just goes to show how vital events like this are, in supporting each other and championing one another to reach our true potential.

For more information on LMC and how to support visit  #Carpediem