I often get asked by students how I made it into TV and what skills you need to be successful. It’s funny because of all the presenters I know, our journey into presenting has been completely unique. Which is why, as a member of the Royal Television Society’s Future’s Committee, I pitched the idea of producing and hosting a ‘How To Make it As A Presenter’ session at the annual Careers Fair in February to share the insights of some of my presenter friends.


When it comes to presenting, I would say it’s really about working out what your passions are. What lights you up? What is it that gets you so excited you can’t wait to start the day? For me, I love live events. The buzz and thrill I get from interviewing amazingly talented people on the red carpet is so exciting, if I could bottle up the Adrenalin and sell it, I’d be a millionaire! I also love bouncing off the reactions of an audience which is always fun.


Did you know Anita Rani started her career working as a Researcher at the BBC? By chance, she was asked to stand in as a presenter and has never looked back! For Marverine Cole and Remel London, they both trained to be  broadcast journalists prior to working in TV and Radio and have since gone onto to present for Sky, QVC and the BBC. For others, like myself and Melvin, we both got our breaks through filming adhoc projects with MTV and ITV that have then lead onto bigger things, with Melvin now hosting his own shows on ITV2 and Channel 4! It’s my turn next! 😉


So what are the key skills you need to make it as a presenter? Well, you need to be excellent with people. Are you a strong communicator? Can you clearly communicate what needs to be said? Are you good a listener? When interviewing people, you need to LISTEN to people in order to know what to ask them next. Can you write your own scripts? Can you talk to time? Can you walk and talk and deliver a piece-to-camera? Or perhaps you’re an expert in a certain subject and can speak so articulately about that subject that anyone could understand and learn from you. All these skills come into play as a presenter, but there is no set path to success. It’s about being tenacious, passionate and resilient. Working in Television and Radio is such a privilege and equally, very competitive so practice, practice, practice every day so that you are ready for when your moment comes and it WILL come. So make sure you are ready. Good-luck!

Photo Credits: Paul Hampartsoumian